What is an O&E?

An O&E is a limited search of record title for a property. You will be provided with a copy of the last deed in the chain of title and pertinent pages of mortgages that have not been discharged. An O&E may involve a name search, in which case you will be provided with copies of non-consensual liens (e.g., judgments, tax liens) against the grantee named in the last deed.

An O&E does not involve a full search of the chain of title, nor does it involve an examination of documents. An O&E does not include requirements that would have to be satisfied in order to insure title, or any exceptions that may appear on a policy of title insurance. An O&E is not a title commitment, opinion of title, or other guarantee and any liability is limited to the amount charged, as applicable.

Requesting an O&E

  1. LOCATE YOUR SUBJECT PROPERTY. You can search by address or by owner (last name / business name). If you are not certain about the spelling of the address or name, enter what you know and ValueCheck will return every record fitting your criteria. If for some reason ValueCheck can not locate your property, continue to the main entry screen and enter the information manually.
  2. TELL US WHERE YOU WOULD LIKE TO DIRECT YOUR ORDER – either Northern Colorado (Fort Collins / Greeley) or Southern Colorado (Colorado Springs).

Turn Around Time and Cost

Generally an O&E will be completed and returned to you the same day you submit the request. Requests received late in the day may not be completed until the following day. Tuesdays are generally high volume and turn around may be slower than normal.

The charge for a basic O&E prepared “in-house” is $5.00. If you require a copy of the plat and covenants, the charge is $10.00. We may utilize a third party for O&E requests on properties located in remote counties. In these cases, the charge for the O&E will be dictated by the third party provider. In addition, turn around may be slower than normal.


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