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Reverse Mortgage Endorsements

ALTA 14.3-06 (Future Advance)

The endorsement listed above is specific to reverse mortgage transactions. Typically, it is issued in conjunction with others that are appropriate for a residential loan policy.


  • Specimen endorsements are for title insurance policies issued by Westcor Land Title Insurance Company. The same (or similar) endorsements are available from our other underwriters.
  • A particular endorsement may not be appropriate for a given transaction and cumulative coverage afforded by the listed endorsements may be redundant.
  • Coverage provided by ALTA (American Land Title Association) and CLTA (California Land Title Association) form endorsements is uniform from underwriter to underwriter. If an endorsement form does not appear to provide the desired coverage, please contact us to determine whether or not a different form will meet your needs.
  • In general, endorsement charges are either a flat rate, or a percentage of the applicable basic rate premium fee. Charges vary by underwriter, by county and by the type of property (commercial, residential or vacant land). Discounts do not apply to endorsement charges.
  • For a complete list of available endorsements from Westcor, or any of our underwriters, please contact us.