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Marketing Resources

Baby boomers love your postcards. Generation X responds to your broadcast e-mails. Generation Y follows you on Twitter. Marketing campaigns can be many and varied. Unified Title Company believes that successful marketing requires attention to three details:

1. Your network / Your professional relationships

These relationships lead you to new clients, provide a market for your existing clients and help you manage and serve both.

2. Your database / Your clients

Your database shifts and grows relative to your marketing efforts, your interests and focus and your expertise.

3. Your marketing tools / The media platforms by which you communicate

Traditional media (e.g., print advertising, mass mailings, radio) will reach and be well-received by some, but traditional media alone are no longer sufficient. A complete set of marketing tools includes more contemporary platforms such as blogs and Facebook.

We are committed to supporting all three aspects of your marketing efforts.
Whether you are new to the real estate business or a savvy veteran, our team can connect you to leads groups and other organizations you may wish to join. Utilize website resources such as lender leads to grow your database in the manner you see fit. Our marketing resources are your connection to traditional media and our course offerings on social media will introduce you to new ways to expand your marketing efforts.