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Avoid problems at your closing by using this simple checklist:
1. Provide payoff information from the seller.

2. Provide Social Security numbers to eliminate additional requirements. This often is necessary when ordering payoffs.

3. Is there a Homeowner’s Association? If so, please provide the name and number.

4. Is there an Estate/Trust? Is there an attorney?

5. Have one of the sellers passed away? Were they in title as Joint Tenants or Tenants in Common? 6. Provide all Amend/Extends and Counterproposals.

7. Provide the Inspection Resolution. Are there any items to be credited or escrows to be held?

8. Is this going to be a mail-out to the Buyer or Seller?

9. Commission Disbursement: are you holding, withholding, or bringing earnest money to closing?

10. Power of Attorney? Let us know.

11. Provide a signed seller’s authorization to order payoffs.

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