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NO. 1

EFFECTIVE DATE: This is the date our title plant is certified through. There will typically be a 1 to 2 week gap between the certification date and the date the commitment is issued.

NO. 2A

OWNER’S POLICY PROPOSED INSURED: This is how the buyer’s name (s) appear on the Contract, all closing documents and your final title policy. If your name is appearing incorrectly, please advise your realtor.

NO. 2B

LOAN POLICY PROPOSED INSURED: This is how your lender has requested their  name appear. If you are working with a Mortgage Broker, then this name may be unfamiliar to you. If a determination has not yet been made on what lender will be providing your loan, then this may appear as “TBD” (To Be Determined). If you are paying cash for this purchase, this item will be left blank.


TITLE PREMIUMS, ENDORSEMENTS AND TAX CERTIFICATES: These are fees for the items that the company has determined may be required by your Lender and/or to meet the terms of your contract. Your lender may request additional items. This does not include any closing fees.

NO. 3:

THE ESTATE OR INTEREST IN THE LAND: This shows how title to the property is legally held by current owner (s).

NO. 4:

THE LAND REFERRED TO IN THE COMMITMENT: This is the “legal” property description for the real estate you are buying or selling.



These are Requirements that must be satisfied in order to provide clear title to the Buyer and/or Lender. The closer and/or processor for the Title Company, will generally take care of satisfying these requirements, however there may be times when your help will be needed as well. Some requirements will be met prior to closing, and others will be met at the time of closing.


These items are Exceptions to your coverage. We are telling you these items exist (whether by recordation in the County Clerk & Recorders office or because we have knowledge of them through other means). Since these items have been disclosed to you, you will not be provided any coverage for same. Owner’s Extended Coverage will delete Items 1 through 5 of the pre-printed items on Residential Sale Commitments, provided that the coverage was requested by the contract and collected at closing. Copies of the plat and covenants will be automatically sent to the buyer and/or Selling Agent. We are happy to also provide you with copies of any other exceptions as well.

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