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Placing an Order

  1. LOCATE YOUR SUBJECT PROPERTY – you can search by address or by owner (last name / business name). If you are not certain about the spelling of the address or name, enter what you know and ValueCheck will return every record fitting your criteria. If for some reason ValueCheck can not locate your property, continue to the main entry screen and enter the information manually.
  2. PROVIDE US WITH PRELIMINARIES – (i) the type and category of order; (ii) where you would like to direct it. If you are unsure as to where to direct an order, please select “Any Unified Title Office.”
  3. COMPLETE THE MAIN ORDER & ADDITIONAL INFORMATION SCREENS – use of the additional information screen is optional, but recommended. You can include attachments with your order or provide us with other pertinent information that will assist us in processing it.

Turn Around Times and Underwriting Assumptions

In general, guarantees and loan-only transactions take 1-2 business days and sale transactions take 2-3 business days (please allow 3-4 days for commercial properties). Orders on properties located in remote counties may require additional time.

For loan and sale transactions, we always obtain tax certificates. Typically, tax certificates are ordered shortly before closing to minimize cancelled transaction expenses. We will supply tax information when we issue your title commitment. For loan transactions, your title commitment will include Forms 100 and 8.1 and other applicable endorsements. Please use the Notes field of the ADDITIONAL INFORMATION screen to exclude coverage or to add any specific endorsements.


To expedite order processing, this portion of the Unified Title Company website required user credentials. If you have credentials and have already logged in, please CONTINUE. If you are not already logged in, please select LOGIN. To create login credentials, please REGISTER now.

It is not our intention to use credentials to capture user information for marketing purposes. We may periodically notify our registered user database regarding updates and enhancements to the website.

Your registration information will not be sold or otherwise distributed to any third party without notification and your express permission.

  • Your USERNAME must be a valid e-mail address. Usernames are not case sensitive.
  • Your PASSWORD must be at least six characters in length. Passwords are case sensitive.

For security purposes, Unified Title Company recommends that passwords be a blend of letters, numbers and/or non-alphanumeric characters.

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