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The Ultimate Moving Checklist from Unified Title Company

As a Title Company in Colorado with years of experience, we have collected many moving tips over the years. To make for a smooth transition, we created a helpful checklist for your next big move! Here is the timeline to follow:

8 Weeks Before the Move:

Two months out from the move, you will want to call ahead and get estimates from the moving company. This allows enough time to select the right moving company in the appropriate price range for you. We recommend calling at least 3 companies to ensure you are getting the best deal. 

At this time we also suggest you call the Chamber of Commerce in your new town for their residential information packet. If you are relocating to a new city in Colorado, this will provide you with detailed information you may not find elsewhere.

6 Weeks Before the Move:

Six weeks before the move, start to take inventory of your possessions. We know it sounds like a lot, but trust us, you will be happy you took the time to do this later. This includes furniture, kitchenware, decorative items, electronics, and apparel. 

Also take the step to complete and mail your US Postal -Service change of address forms. This can be done online here.

If moving out of town, be sure to obtain copies of all medical, dental, accounting, legal, and veterinarian records. If your children are changing schools, arrange for transfer of educational records at this time. Also make sure to contact your tax advisor to discuss potential tax deductions and liabilities related to your move.

4 Weeks Before the Move:

Cleaning your current home before the move is in the running for one of the more time consuming tasks that come with a move. At 4 weeks out, it is a good time to do tasks such as cleaning your window blinds and carpeting as needed. It’s also a good time to sort through your clothing and stored belongings to filter out items you no longer use or need. Host a garage sale to dispose of unneeded possessions.

If you hired a professional moving company, schedule your house packing to take place 1-2 days before the move. Be sure to purchase adequate boxes, packing materials, and tape or request from the professional movers. 4 weeks out, make your travel arrangements for your pets, including necessary medical records, immunizations and medications.

3 Weeks Before the Move:

At 3 weeks away from a move, start to gather packing materials in a central location for easy access. You should begin to pack the things you don’t use on a day to day basis. Then, contact utilities on both ends of the move to order termination or turn-on for occupancy date.

2 Weeks Before the Move:

If you are moving vehicles out of town, prepare them for the trip by scheduling maintenance for tires, oil and overall health to ensure safe travels. Next, schedule an appliance service firm to prepare major appliances for transport on moving day.

1 Week Before the Move:

1 week away is the time to gather important papers, records, and valuables for protected shipment to your new home or safe deposit box. Obtain any of your prescription medications needed for the next few weeks.

Week of the Move:

In the final days, defrost your refrigerator and freezer and donate all perishable food. Keep a box marked “Last Box Packed/First Box Unpacked” for tools, flashlights and first aid kit. Everything should be packed up except for items you will carry with you during the move. Valuables, financial records, personal papers and inventory from the movers. Give the movers a telephone number and address to reach you.

Print This Checklist Here!