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8 Tips For a Smooth Transition into Your New Home

Congratulations on your new home!

Here are our 8 tips to ensure a smooth transition into your new home:

1. Keys to Your New Home

Upon moving into a new home, it is always a good idea to change the locks on your doors after you have moved in. If your garage has a keypad, you should change the code as well. 

2. Utilities

Be sure to contact your local providers for electricity, water, gas, phone, trash, and cable/ satellite services before the move to let them know the date you will be moving in. Notify them as early as you can to help ensure a smooth transition. 

3. Your Title Insurance Policy

Get in touch with Unified Title Company to get your title insurance policy arranged. You should receive your policy in the mail within 4-6 weeks. Store your title policy with your other important documents during the move.

4. Deed to Your Home

The original deed transferring title will be recorded in the appropriate county and then mailed to you. Also store the deed with your other important documents.

5. Mortgage/Loan Payments

Ensure you receive your loan payment statement before your first payment is due. If you don’t receive it, be sure and contact your lender.

6. Property Taxes

Property taxes in Colorado are paid in arrears. You will receive a tax bill for year-of-closing taxes in January of the year after closing. Always remember – it is your obligation to make sure the taxes are paid when due. Check with your lender to find out if taxes will be paid by the lender from escrowed funds.

7. Change of Address

Your local post office can assist you with your address change and the delivery of mail to your new home. Be sure and notify everyone who sends you mail (family, friends, work, credit cards, auto insurance, health insurance, car registration, etc.) of your new address and the date of your upcoming move. This can be completed online

8. Driver’s License

Don’t forget to contact Colorado’s Department of Motor Vehicles about your address change and update your records with them. Don’t forget to make note of your new address on your current driver’s license card.

To make for a smooth move, Print this list and have it on hand during the preparation period.