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The Basics – Underwriters

Unified Title Company is a Colorado-based title insurance agent that is underwritten by the following national and regional underwriters –

Financial analysts consistently rank all of these underwriters among the very best. For example, all six are rated either “A Prime” or “A Double Prime” by Demotech, Inc. That means they possess “unsurpassed financial stability related to withstanding a general economic downturn or deterioration of an underwriting cycle.” In short, title policies written on the paper of any of these underwriters are the best that money can buy.

And You Have Options…

Though title insurance underwriting standards are fairly consistent within the industry, the requirements to insure a particular transaction may differ from one underwriter to the next. Indeed, one may decline to insure a particular transaction that another will readily insure. When we confront an underwriting obstacle, it is helpful to have multiple options to find a path forward.